Three workshops – Wednesday –  January 27th, February 3rd and 10th, all 10am to 1.00pm and two 1-2-1’s

It sounds counter intuitive to talk of gifts after such a challenging year, but are you curious to explore what has been seeded in you beyond all the uncertainty, anxiety and loss? Our foundations have been shaken, many of us have been affected in our internal lives, externally, physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. We did not have a choice about Covid arriving and impacting our lives, but we do have the power to choose how we respond. This place of overwhelming challenge can provide a perfect seeding ground for new beginnings.

My offer to you

I am offering this programme of workshops and two one to one sessions to give you the tools to find the gifts, grow into the space you yearn for and thrive despite the uncertainty of 2021.

I create a safe place so that you find the gift, not the setback you may have believed. All pain can be transformed into feeling deeper compassion and love, and I know this to be true from the challenges I have had. Change and transformation is the outcome when we discover our inner resilience and inner fire. First, we all need to be heard and witnessed, only then will we discover what we need to recover and grow. This workshop will support you in this process.

My new course is personally developed from my own unique experiences. You will be acknowledged and validated, feel heard on a deep level and this will help you move to the next stage of letting go. You will identify your self-limiting beliefs which keep you in the past and replace them with wisdom and truth which will support you.

Who I am

I am a speaker, a restorative justice and conflict transformation facilitator and a mentor to people experiencing conflict. I have been facilitating workshops since 1995 and have worked around the world in many settings- prisons, war-torn areas, schools, parents and corporate, to name a few. . I have listened to people from around the world affected by war and terrorism and know that the first step for anyone after experiencing trauma, is to be heard. I have worked internationally for 20 years and now ready to share my experiences and insights online. My work comes from my experience of transforming the trauma of losing my Dad in a terrorist attack when I was 27, and the twenty years of dialogue with the ex-combatant who killed him.

The programme structure

I will meet you all individually before as well as after the small group workshops. At the three once a week 3-hour workshops you will be guided and encouraged with emotional safety to explore what is right for you. We will also learn from each other as each one of you will have wisdom and experience to share.

Workshop 1

Listening – You will be heard, recognised and witnessed in a safe way so that by the end you feel ready to explore the gifts. You will make a commitment to yourself and leave feeling hopeful and encouraged.

Workshop 2

Expanding – Letting go of the self-limiting beliefs and the emotions which keep us imprisoned in the past. Changing the story you tell yourself and creating a new one, Developing self-empathy and inner resilience. Harnessing your inner wisdom and clarity. Focus on gratitude.

Workshop 3

Building – You will develop your own vision and strategy and  develop the tools you need to manage whatever 2021 throws at you. You will know how to manage the judgmental voices inside, learn how to have a conversation with people who can make you feel less than, and what to do when you have one of those overwhelming days. Your emotional intelligence will have grown, and you will have strategies to transform your feelings.

You will be leaving the course empowered and supported with a vision for the year and the practical tools you need to make it happen.

The cost of £300 covers the three workshops and the two one-to-one sessions. Any questions please do email me at


Jo Berry is one of the most compassionate, empathetic and dedicated people I know when it comes to working with people; empowering them to make positive change for themselves and their wider community. She listens and understands the daily struggles everyone faces and provides them with the tools to manage and build their self-confidence and know they are valued.

Her own experience means she understands even the small nuances often missed when you haven’t been through difficult times, discrimination, encountered abuse or dealt with trauma yourself.

In today’s diverse society where there is so much conflict, mental health is rife, everyone deserves an opportunity to be loved, to be cared, to be treated with dignity, and to be shown equality – that is exactly what Jo gives them unconditionally and in abundance.

Saba Ali, December 2020

Jo has the gift of walking into your heart. Right away. When we met I was so touched by her humbleness while doing such profound work. When I asked her what to do, being overwhelmed by judgment on someone I was asked to resolve a major issue with, she admitted she still had that too (thank you for being so human, Jo :-)) and would ask somebody she trusts to just listen to her thoughts until she calmed down and got really interested in the story of the one she just judged. What a relief. What a simple and profound solution. That’s how it feels to build bridges to peace. Thank you, Jo, for being you

Helene Spork, January 2021

Jo has a notably gentle and kind authority about her and this serves to create a very safe setting – a setting in which her workshop participants are immediately put at ease.

Importantly, Jo’s skilful and respectful management of the workshop kept the human connection focused and purposeful. In our pairs, and in the conditions of safety and trust that Jo had so naturally established, we were each of us able to explore a ‘live’ issue that was challenging us. In all cases, I think, we found the experience genuinely helpful. We emerged being able to see the issue in a new way (and even, perhaps, as no longer an ‘issue’ that needed to trouble us). We learned something new about ourselves.

I was genuinely impressed by Jo’s wisdom and intelligence, and by the effectiveness of the process she led us through. I would recommend Jo’s workshops for participants of almost any background or age.

Phil Brisk


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