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Conflict mentor

Supporting you in resolving conflict and finding the gift.

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Workshops in transforming challenges and conflict, leaving you feeling empowered and flourishing.

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International speaker in resolving conflict, listening to our 'other', transforming our challenges, and building sustainable peace.

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Creating harmony and well being in the workplace

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Jo Berry
Jo Berry
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How I can help you.

Contact me: if you wish to book me to share my story of losing my Dad in a terrorist attack in 1984 and how I met the ex terrorist who planted the bomb in 2000. Thus meeting led to us becoming friends and sharing platforms over 300 times. This talk can inspire you to know what is possible, know the power of empathy, and give up the response of blame.

Contact me: if you wish to work with me as a individual because you are wanting to transform your pain into working for positive change. Or if you are overwhelmed with feelings of despondency from unresolved conflict, and you want to regain equilibrium and harmony.

Contact me: if you are struggling with a relationship and wish to have a way to navigate the conflict so that you achieve clarity and harmony. I can work with you as a individual to prepare you to have the conversation, or facilitate a conversation between the two of you.

Contact me: if you wish me to work with your business or community and you are experiencing the effects of blame, or feeling distressed because of unresolved conflict. I can support you in making the changes you need to make so everyone feels empowered and listened to, resulting in an increased sense of well-being.


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