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Please do get in touch if you would like me to work with your organisation in resolving conflict, changing the ‘blame’ culture, and creating a empathetic workplace.

I know there are many challenges organisations are facing now, maybe those who have been furloughed are coming back to work and there are some who have been working all the time. How can these differences be managed so that everyone can hear each other and there is no hidden resentment and anger. Maybe some have been changed by the trauma of what they have gone through and are coming back with a extra weight on their shoulders. I can facilitate safe places so that each can share and then hear each other. This will impact on the quality of the work done and also the well being of all the workers.

Jo ran a workshop for me and the Clarity team that was inspirational… it helped us create a more positive and constructive workplace environment. We still talk about its benefit and use the tools we learnt. Thank you.

Paul Cooper

Helping teams make and deliver equity value