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I have been speaking for 20 years, all over the world, and with very varied audiences. For example, just the last few years I have given a talk at a Peace convention in South Korea, spoken at many schools in Tower Hamlets, given a keynote at a conference in India, a business in London, and a mediation conference in Scotland.

I am now speaking online and get in touch if you would like to hear how it is possible to harness  the gift out of uncomfortable conflict.

If you would like to know how it is possible to bring something positive out of the most negative events – get in touch.

How you would like to give up blame, and instead learn to empathise?

Conflict Mentor

Are you needing support in resolving conflict?

Are you feeling scared and out of your depth with a ongoing challenge which is affecting your overall wellbeing?

Would you like to feel empowered and confident to know how to resolve a situation which is causing you distress?

I am here for you, to listen, understand and support you in making the changes you wish to make.

How the session will be?

Individual and tailored to your needs so that you feel emotionally safe.
A session begins with me listening to you in a non judgemental way, once you feel heard and acknowledged, we will move to looking at how you respond to your conflict. We will look at  what are your triggers and how can you empower yourself to not be triggered, what part of the conflict belongs to the other person. Once you are clear what you need to change we will talk about strategies in bite size small steps. It is your journey and I am there to walk with you as you make these changes in your life.


One session on zoom is £85

Four Sessions are £300 and include email support between sessions

Conflict coaching can be useful in a variety of circumstances, including conflicts in the workplace, relationships, community disputes, family disagreements, or business conflicts as well as with internal conflicts. I can work individually or with couples and groups.

Contact me for a free 30 minutes session to see if you would like to work with me.

About me

Over the last 25 years I have been working with people affected by conflict, and have training and experience in many areas of conflict transformation. I have facilitated workshop around the world in ‘difficult dialogue’, ‘storytelling’ , ‘making peace with the enemy’, ‘resolving conflict, and ’empathic peace-building skills’. I also work as a Restorative Justice facilitator and with restorative justice processes.

I have been working with individuals to support them take charge of their conflict and find their own gifts, looking and identifying patterns which take our power away. We may not have choice with what happens to us but we have complete choice with how we respond once we have the support and help.

The pain of betrayal and loss can be hard to heal and I will walk with you as you take the steps which will heal the past and bring you to a different future.  When we are hurt, the need to blame someone or something is understandable yet this does not bring us the healing we are after. I will support you in breaking the cycle of revenge and making choices which work for you.

I act as a confidential listener, helping you  to see the situation from all perspectives and supporting you to  consider options, and help  you to come up with a plan of action to deal with the conflict.  Sometimes it is easy to think we have two options, blame someone and be unkind, or blame ourselves and do nothing. Instead there are many options we can learn so that we can challenge behaviour whilst allowing the dignity of both parties, we can share the impact of another’s behaviour without making them ‘bad’.  I can help you prepare for the difficult conversation and to rehearse a conversation so that you are prepared with confidence to have the conversation.  I can also facilitate the conversation which means there is more chance of everyone being heard.

Sessions will help you:

• Take responsibility as you move from being a victim to becoming victorious
• Become empowered and trust yourself
• Nurture your self worth and grow in confidence
• Develop emotional intelligence
• Create healthy boundaries
• Transform emotional pain into compassion

• Be a better listener
• Become more empathetic
• Look after yourself better
• Become skilled in conflict transformation
• Be able to say No and learn how to challenge behaviour without blaming



I have been offering workshops for over 30 years on the subjects of:

• Creating a more harmonious workplace
• Having a Difficult Conversation
• How to challenge others without making people wrong

I always create an emotionally safe place where all issues can be spoken about, where all experiences can be shared without any judging or blaming.

Having a difficult conversation

I have been having a difficult conversation for the last 20 years with the ex combatant who killed my dad and it has shaped my thoughts on communication as well as given me insights which I will share.

Would it make sense if your organisation worked with me so that you can have your difficult conversations in a safe way and which will lead to all feeling heard and respected?

Would it help if your organisation or business had extra support for those struggling from the last six months so that they can work fully and at their best?

I am here for you, now working on zoom to create a safe place to facilitate workshops which will enhance the well-being in your organisation.

Empathic peace-building skills

This will be an opportunity to go deeper into the process of reconciliation and conflict transformation. These workshops are best delivered over a few weeks so the new skills can be practised and support can be given.

During the sessions you will:
Learn skills of conflict transformation, learn  listening skills, and acknowledge feelings and emotions. We will look at how our self esteem can be enhanced and have more empathy for self.

We will understand the story we tell ourselves:
Learn how to challenge another’s behaviour without blame or judgement

Explore the concept of choice in how we respond to challenges
Understand how empathy and compassion may be applied to heal fractured relationships at home and at work
Learn how to challenge another’s behaviour without blame or judgement
Look at how to become restorative in our relationships

Contact Jo


Please do get in touch if you would like me to work with your organisation in resolving conflict, changing the ‘blame’ culture, and creating a empathetic workplace.

I know there are many challenges organisations are facing now, maybe those who have been furloughed are coming back to work and there are some who have been working all the time. How can these differences be managed so that everyone can hear each other and there is no hidden resentment and anger. Maybe some have been changed by the trauma of what they have gone through and are coming back with a extra weight on their shoulders. I can facilitate safe places so that each can share and then hear each other. This will impact on the quality of the work done and also the well being of all the workers.