I have been offering workshops for over 25 years and now working online to meet your needs. I always create an emotionally safe place where all issues can be spoken about, where all experiences can be shared without any judging or blaming.


Jo Berry is one of the most compassionate, empathetic and dedicated people I know when it comes to working with people; empowering them to make positive change for themselves and their wider community. She listens and understands the daily struggles everyone faces and provides them with the tools to manage and build their self-confidence and know they are valued.

Her own experience means she understands even the small nuances often missed when you haven’t been through difficult times, discrimination, encountered abuse or dealt with trauma yourself.

In today’s diverse society where there is so much conflict, mental health is rife, everyone deserves an opportunity to be loved, to be cared, to be treated with dignity, and to be shown equality – that is exactly what Jo gives them unconditionally and in abundance.

Saba Ali, December 2020

Having a difficult conversation

I have been having a difficult conversation for the last 20 years with the ex combatant who killed my dad and it has shaped my thoughts on communication as well as given me insights which I will share.

Would it make sense if your organisation worked with me so that you can have your difficult conversations in a safe way and which will lead to all feeling heard and respected?

Would it help if your organisation or business had extra support for those struggling from the last six months so that they can work fully and at their best?

I am here for you, now working on zoom to create a safe place to facilitate workshops which will enhance the well-being in your organisation.

“Jo ran a work shop for me and the Clarity team that was inspirational… it helped us create a more positive and constructive workplace environment. We still talk about its benefit and use the tools we learnt. Thank you.”

Paul Cooper Partner at Clarity Helping teams make and deliver equity value

Empathic peacebuilding skills

This will be an opportunity to go deeper into the process of reconciliation and conflict transformation. These workshops are best delivered over a few weeks so the new skills can be practised and support can be given.

During the sessions you will:
Learn skills of conflict transformation, learn  listening skills. acknowledge feelings and emotions. We will look at how our self esteem can be enhanced and have more empathy for self.

We will understand the story we tell ourselves.
Learn how to challenge another’s behaviour without blame or judgement
Explore the concept of choice in how we respond to challenges
Understand how empathy and compassion may be applied to heal fractured relationships at home and at work
Learn how to challenge another’s behaviour without blame or judgement.

Look at how to become restorative in our relationships.

 Young People – Being a Positive Change maker

This a workshops which inspires and empowers the participants to become positive change makers. We will first identify the areas and issues which affect the young people and then focus on how they can make a difference.

In groups they will make a posters, describing their changes in art and words, giving a presentation to the whole group with their ten steps for change. This leaves the participants excited and plants seeds of what they can do outside the classroom. There are many possible follow ups if needed.

Participants at Mulberry school for girls.

I have never felt so empowered in my life. I am able to voice my opinions without fear. I was able to be less resentful towards a certain group by being allowed to express my feelings. Sometimes having someone that could listen to you, frees the hate inside of you.

I have become more aware of the problems we face in our world and school and that it is important to voice our concern and take action to bring about the change we want to see. I have gained confidence to talk in front of people Furthermore it has helped me realise that in the future I would like to have  a job which about positive change.

During this process, I‘ve become more conscious of other’s feelings, and I‘ve increased my awareness about what I say and the effects it has.

I gained valuable experience in learning how to express and vocalise my opinions in an effective way. I have definitely realised my potential as a young person regarding the change I can make not just within school grounds but anywhere.

I am more able to empathise with others and being able to realise that everyone has their own doubts.and worries, this humanises everyone.

Jo has helped us to realise that we are all important. I feel as though we have been heard and listened to. I have learnt that my voice is important. I gained a lot of skills. I have learned leaderships skills and being more empathetic. Jo has helped me to voice my opinions and that our collective voice is important.

Jo has been an amazing role model for us. Peace Ambassadors has been an outlet for us and I feel that she has taught us to become less resentful; and use that energy in a good way. She has changed our lives for the better and I will always remember this experience.

Jo is very supportive and reliable. And is able to understand how we feel. It has been nice having someone listen and actually care.

She has inspired us to go forward and voice our opinions and supports us immensely.

From a young person at Sacred Heart Catholic College

“Jo Berry was a delight to meet and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about her experience with terrorism and how she overcame her battle. Her journey to forgiveness was inspiring and it was refreshing to hear someone use peace and forgiveness rather than revenge in order to receive closure over the death of a loved one. Her views on how to react when you have been affected by terrorism made me look at current events in a different light and perspective. Jo was very accepting of all types of people and she repeatedly stated that she believed that young people are capable of changing the future rather than destroying it, which is not a common conception of youth among an older generation. The fact that she had faith in all of us gave me motivation to make a change in the world no matter how small that may be.”