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World Unity Week Wednesday, 23 June 2021 FROM 18:00 UTC+01-19:30 UTC+01

  Jo Berry is speaking during the World Unity Week in the Whole-Self Nurturing & Healing Justice convergence room. It will be an interactive session and Jo will focus on …


The Importance of Describing Behaviour

I have been working in the world of conflict transformation and communication and have been understanding how I can challenge behaviour so that I have most chance of being heard. So that the ‘other’ will most likely want to change their behaviour which I am finding difficult.


Hearing the Story of the Enemy

An inner shift is required to hear the story of the enemy. For me the question is always about whether I can let go of my need to blame, and open my heart enough to hear Patrick’s story and understand his motivations. The truth is that sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t. It’s a journey and it’s a choice, which means it’s not all sorted and put away in a box.